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Bathroom Shelving Options

November 16th, 2009

Having additional storage in bathroom is not only helpful but also important for taking care of the items therein. Depending upon the size and style of your bathroom, you’ll have many options of shelving material and styles to choose from and make it all the more inviting.

Bathroom Shelving Materials

Bathroom shelving can employ one of the four materials mentioned here. Generally those are all easy to maintain and bring in a different look and feel to this room.

Glass –frosted or clear glass look great in modern bathrooms, while provide an attractive contrast in ornate bathrooms. Glass shelving may be mounted on two side brackets or on wall mounts that get hidden behind it. Frosted glass shelves often employ this technique. Glass shelves installed as tier shelves look all the more attractive. Here, all the shelves may have an even size or they might get gradually tapered to smaller size while they go up the wall. We know that glass shelves are the easiest to clean but they might develop cracks. Therefore, care should be taken to buy shelves made from tempered glass only.

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Plastic –Plastic shelves are ideal for children’s bathroom or infrequently used utility rooms. As these may be handled roughly, they make an appropriate choice for children, who generally tend to slam cabinets, shove drawers and stuff them to the most. Well, they are quite easy to maintain but generally lack good looks.

Metal – You get metal shelves in two varieties, the polished one and the unpolished one. Modern styled bathrooms look beautiful with polished brass, chrome or steel. The unpolished variety I steel or aluminum is more often used in utility rooms and laundry rooms because there it is the capacity of storage that takes precedence over style.

Wood – Generally wood and wicker aren’t considered good for damp and humid conditions, the treated woods that we get these days are designed to withstand the prevalent heat and humid atmosphere of a bathroom. Their availability in a range of attractive colors, styles and shade makes them suitable for any style of bathroom, be it Victorian or contemporary Asian.

Bathroom Shelving Styles

Having decided on the shelving material that would most suit your requirements, you may proceed with the selection of a style that works best for you.

Open –Open shelves offer the convenience of locating the desired item in a jiffy. These are available in attractive designs of glass, wood or polished metals. Use a bit of imagination to store colored bottles of different size and give it a personal touch while adding to the aesthetics of your bathroom. Drawers and vanity cabinets are good for storing personal or non-decorative items often required in the bathroom. . Corner glass shelves provide the much-needed extra storage in small bathrooms and help keeping the clutter out of sight.

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Cabinets – Wooden cabinets may be open on the front or with a glass or wooden door. Open-faced cabinets often designed like cubbies are good for storing towels and big containers. Usually, glass door cabinets are mounted on the wall, but may well be fixed over the toilet or just kept on the floor. These are available in many styles to go well with any small to medium-sized bathroom.

Floor –Though wood is the most often used material for floor, you also get them in plastic, especially suited for children. Generally they are designed to look like a vanity with a flat top but may also be designed with baskets and cubbies. You may have open cubbies or keep baskets in some. Some of the floor units are provided with hanging baskets. Large bathrooms can accommodate floor shelving, but small bathrooms look good with comer units.

There are many well-designed options available for bathroom shelving. Choose one that would solve your storage needs and matches your style in the process.

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