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Wood Wall Shelf – Stylish And Convenient

November 28th, 2009

One of these days spare a few moments to visit the Internet for art shelving units under the head “ wood wall shelf ”. You’ll find an amazing collection of wall shelves created by artists. These are made from the finest wood, hand crafted with a certificate of authenticity. Now comes the most interesting or shall I say the depressing part, and that’s their pricing. You’ll hardly find any of these objects of art under $8000.00, in a size that is 35” wide by 12” deep.

I’m quite sure there are many like me around here that would like to have these pretty pieces of art in their home but not at the prices quoted above. So, here is a short description of some of the items at prices that you won’t mind:

To start with, let me describe to you what has come to be known as the Box Collection. It comprises of three box shaped wall shelves. The smallest one is 6.125″h x 6.125″w x 5.625″d; the medium sized one measures 6.125″h x 14″w x 5.625″d, while the largest one is 6.125″h x 18″w x 5.625″d. You can mount these box-shelving units on the wall in a pattern of your choice. You may have these in finishes like Black, Chocolate, Dark Cherry, Honey, Mahogany, Natural, and White. You’ll find them ideally suited for small walls.

wooden wall shelves

Now, let me explain what are popularly called Display Ledges, made of high quality birch. To ensure that the items are held on the ledge, there is an outer raised edge to each ledge. These are very beautiful shelves that provide style and functionality to any room of your home. Though all have the common dimension of 1.5”Hx2.5”D, you get them in lengths of two to five feet. Also available in honey colored finish that is sure to enhance the décor of any room.

Here’s my description of the Four Level Floating Wall Shelf. This is made from northern hardwoods in simple straight-line designs that add to the beauty and available storage space in your room. Adjustable floating shelves present an excellent medium for displaying your books, family photos and even knick-knacks. These are available unfinished or finished in like Black, Chocolate, Dark Cherry, Honey, Mahogany, Natural, Walnut, and White.

Next in line is the Classic Wall Shelf Kit that comes in a set of two and ushers in style to you room, while providing you with storage space. There are two support corbels for each shelf. The set of two comes in two different lengths of 8”x24” and 8”x36”. These are beautifully crafted from solid pine with a tooled edge to give you years of dependable service. This is a classic design in rich honey oak finish that will enhance the ambience of your room.

My next choice for description of wooden wall shelves is the Verona Scroll Shelf Kit, the most homogeneous combination of wood and wrought iron one could ever imagine. The wall mounting brackets are made from wrought iron in a beautiful scroll design in white and black. The white one holds the white wood shelf whereas the black supports the English Oak finished wood shelf. Here’s your opportunity to include another classic to your interiors with a striking piece of wall shelving. These are the dimensions that include the supporting wrought iron brackets: 11.25″H x 24″W x 9″D.

It’s about time to introduce you to the Crown Moulding Wood Shelf. This is another hand crafted classic creation of solid wood that you’ll be delighted to have in your room. It has beautiful eye-catching edge details that add to its personality. Being made of solid wood, you can depend on its strength and durability. It’s available in finishes of whit or honey. Further, you can either of these two sizes: 4″H x 60″W x 5″D or 4″H x 48″W x 5″D.

floating wood shelf

Now that you have had some exposure to different styles of wood wall shelving and how they can transform your interiors, while offering the opportunity of added storage, it’s for you let your creative juices flow for selecting a few for your rooms. Take pride in displaying framed photos or family heirlooms, or get started with books and other small objects of art.

There is no better way to add style and have convenient means of additional storage in any or all of your rooms at such an affordable expense of less that $50. Here’s your chance to demonstrate your creative abilities and surprise your loved ones.

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